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Zimbabwe dollar and established the US dollar and the South African rand as official legal tender. Inflation is now about 3%. Commercial banks closed clients’ Zimbabwe dollar accounts and allowed them to open fresh accounts in hard currencies.
Rhodesian Dollar was replaced by the Zimbabwe dollar at par value. The Zimbabwean Dollar was once worth about 1.59 United States dollars. Since the introduction of land reforms in the early 1990s, hyperinflation and the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy have severely devalued the Zimbabwean Dollar.
The Zimbabwe dollar was again devalued on 6 September 2007, this time by 92%, to give an official exchange rate of ZW$30,000 to US$1, although the black market exchange rate was estimated to be ZW$600,000 to US$1.
The Zimbabwe dollar should have been left in circulation alongside other major currencies .
confronting the economy, the Zimbabwe dollar ought to and must remain the nation's currency, so as to safeguard our national identity and sovereignty... Our national currency is a fundamental economic pillar of our sovereignty," said Gideon Gono, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe .
rate of 30,000 Zimbabwe dollars per US dollar; at an unofficial rate of 800,000 Zimbabwe dollars per US dollar, the stock of Zimbabwe dollars would equal only about US$500 million and Zimbabwe's velocity of money (the number of times money turns over in the course of a
of Zimbabwe dollars surges and the demand for them shrinks. Eventually, the currency will totally collapse as people simply refuse to accept it.” In recent months, facts on the ground have validated this prognostication. The Zimbabwe dollar is dead.
"The Zimbabwe dollar will be redenominated by a factor of one to 10, which means we are removing 10 zeros from our monetary value," Gideon Gono, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, said in the broadcast. "Ten billion dollars today will be reduced to one dollar.
Zimbabwe Dollar exchange rates against currencies in North and South America for June 10 - North and South America Asia and Pacific Europe Middle East and Central Asia Africa
The Zimbabwe dollar, denoted by ZWD or Z$, is the legal tender currency of Zimbabwe. The currency was formerly known as the Rhodesian dollar (R$), which was established in 1970 following the replacement of the Pound.
No, the Zimbabwe dollar remains the legal tender," Mr Gono insisted. But de facto dollarisation has been under way for weeks and months.
Zimbabwe dollar dead, says top economist = The Zimbabwe dollar is dead, one of the world's leading experts on hyperinflation said today.
Zimbabwe dollars for one US dollar since September 2007 but on the black market the US dollar is being traded above at 9 400 000 Gono said that with the new reforms, "the availability of foreign exchange will gradually improve to a point not
Zimbabwe dollar was suspended indefinitely; the government now uses the South African Rand and the United States Dollar. For more information, read the BBC's "Zimbabwe dollar 'not back soon'" .
re-introduce the Zimbabwe dollar at least enough to pay for some of the basic government needs. This currency will then circulate alongside the other major currencies .