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near a two-week low versus the yen as demand for the nations’ assets weakened before finance ministers from the 16 nations using the euro meet to discuss Greece’s finances.
The yen and credit- default swaps for bonds in Asia fell. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.9 percent to 120.22 at 5:30 p.m. in Tokyo. The Nikkei 225 Average leaped 2.5 percent, the biggest gain in more than a week.
B Yen (B円, B en?) was a colloquial term used to refer to a form of military scrip used in post-war US-Occupied Okinawa from July 1948 to September 1958. Officially, it was called B type military scrip (B型軍票, B-gata gunpyō?).
The yen (円 or 圓, en?) (sign: ¥; code: JPY) is the currency of Japan. It is the third most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market after United States dollar and the euro. It is also widely used as a reserve currency after the U.S.
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Dictionary: yen2 (yĕn) pronunciation Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n., pl., yen. A basic unit of currency in Japan.
Dictionary: yen1 (yĕn) pronunciation Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n. A strong desire or inclination; a yearning or craving. intr.v., yenned, yen·ning, yens. To have a strong desire or inclination; yearn.
Like Japanese Snow and Intestines, Yen Is Unique: William Pesek = Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A Commentary by William Pesek Oct.
stronger yen, which hit a 13-year high against the dollar last week, cut Honda's earnings by 47 billion yen. ``The worst may still be ahead,'' said Ichiro Takamatsu, chief investment officer at Alphex Investments Co.
* BOJ Adds 1 Trillion Yen to System on European Crisis (Update1) * Bull Market Intact for Biggest U.S.
Japanese yen weakened for a second day. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index advanced 2.8 percent to 113.84 at 4 p.m. in Tokyo, the most since Nov. 30. The Stoxx Europe 600 increased 1.3 percent. Oil for July delivery climbed 1.9 percent to $74.
9 pct, but yen worries remain = 29 Sep, 2009 @ 08:23 am ET | written by Reuters Japan's Nikkei average rose 0.9 percent on Tuesday, with exporters such as Kyocera Corp (6971.
yen See Table at currency.
Chinese economic data, weaker yen Japan Today 1 min ago Comment Tokyo stocks rose Thursday after strong Chinese economic data improved investor sentiment amid market jitters about debt woes in Europe, with the euro's slight recovery… Stocks: Rise On Chinese Economic Data, Weaker Yen
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