The Yemeni Rial is the currency in Yemen (YE, YEM). The symbol for YER can be written YRls, and ﷼. The Yemeni Rial is divided into 100 fils. The exchange rate for the Yemeni Rial was last updated on ? from ?.
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Yemeni rial at par.
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Yemeni rial for its official currency. Each rial is then divided into 100 fils, which are basically cents, however, the currency is actually issued in rials only since inflation has put paid to the use of fils.
The Yemeni rial, denoted by the ISO code YER, is the official currency of Yemen. One rial is further divided into 100 fils. In 1994, a bloody civil war held back economic growth in Yemen.
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Yemeni rialYemeni rial - the basic unit of money in Yemen; equal to 100 filsrialYemeni monetary unit - monetary unit in Yemen How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle, or
Yemeni rial - Dictionary Definition and Overview = Yemeni rial : (noun) 1: the basic unit of money in Yemen; equal to 100 fils Example Usage of Yemeni -
More currencies Yemen, Rial The Yemeni Rial is the currency of Yemen. The currency code for Rials is YER, and the currency symbol is ﷼. Below, you'll find Yemeni Rial rates, a currency converter, Yemeni Rial News and more.