Sri Lanka Rupee 1 LKRin LKR Australian Dollar0.010595.06 Canadian Dollar0.0092109.3 Swiss Franc0.010199.01 Euro0.0073136.6 British Pound0.006165.
1 Sri Lanka Rupee is equal to: Europe Albanian Lek 1 Belarus Ruble 24.3333 British Pound 0.
Comment(s)16 Mar, 2009 13:57:52 Sri Lanka rupee overvaluation seen hurting tea exportsMarch 16, 2009 (LBO) - An artificially strong rupee could further hurt exports of Sri Lankan tea to key markets whose currencies have been devalued in recent months, a brokerage has warned.
The Sri Lanka rupee has fallen against the US dollar in December after the Central Bank eased intervention after it lost almost a third of its foreign reserves. On Tuesday the rupee traded around112.80 from 108.00 to the dollar three months ago.
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Sri Lanka rupeeSri Lanka rupee - the basic unit of money in Sri Lanka; equal to 100 centsrupeecent - a fractional monetary unit of several countriesSri Lankan monetary unit - monetary unit in Sri Lanka How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add
The exchange rate of the Sri Lanka rupee has depreciated by 1.07% against the US dollar in 2009 and had a huge negative effect on the debt service and foreign reserves hampering overall development, a Central Bank source said yesterday. “It moved from Rs. 113.
One Sri Lanka rupee is divided into 100 Sri Lanka cents. Currency notes are in the denominations are Rs 10/-, Rs 20/-, Rs 50/-, Rs 100/-, Rs 200/-, Rs 500/-, Rs 1000/- and Rs 2000/-.