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The Serbian Dinar is the currency in Serbia (RS, SRB). The Serbian Dinar is also known as Serbe Dinar. The exchange rate for the Serbian Dinar was last updated on ? from ?. The RSD conversion factor has ? significant digits.
The current Serbian dinar is a continuation of the last Yugoslav dinar. There are currently no plans to replace the Serbian dinar with the euro.
Serbian Dinar 1 RSDin RSD Australian Dollar0.013872.36 Canadian Dollar0.01283.19 Swiss Franc0.013375.3 Euro0.0096104 British Pound0.0079126.
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The Serbian dinar is made up of 100 para and is often presented with the symbol RSD or, unofficially, din. Also known as the post-Yugoslavia dinar, this currency is used in all of Serbia, except for Kosovo.
Serbian Dinars are issued by the National Bank of Serbia, which is the country's central bank. The first historical mentions of the Serbian Dinar date back to the middle ages, when regional Serbian rulers minted silver Dinar coins.
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The Serbian Dinar in Circulation The National Bank of Serbia holds the responsibility for issuing the Serbian dinar. They currently issue the Serbian dinar in the forms of coins and banknotes.
The Serbian dinar replaced the Yugoslav dinar at par in 2003, when Yugoslavia was transformed into the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegro had already adopted the Deutsche Mark and later the euro when the mark was replaced by it.
Serbian Dinar is the currency used in Serbia and is a continuation of the old Yugoslav Dinar. The chart at left shows the USD/RSD currency pair; the number of equivalent Serbian Dinar to 1 U.S. Dollar (USD).
More currencies Serbia, Dinar The Serbian Dinar is the currency of Serbia. The currency code for Dinars is RSD, and the currency symbol is Дин.. Below, you'll find Serbian Dinar rates, a currency converter, Serbian Dinar News and more.