rupiah pronunciation /ruˈpi ə/ Show Spelled Show IPA –noun,plural-ah, aluminum coin, paper money, and monetary unit of Indonesia, equal to 100 sen. Abbreviation: Rp.
The first truly Indonesian rupiah notes, however were issued in 1946, during the war of independence with the Dutch, following the unilateral declaration of independence by the Indonesians at the end of World War Two on 17 August 1945.
The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. Issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia, the ISO 4217 currency code for the Indonesian rupiah is IDR. The symbol used on all banknotes and coins are Rp.
The rupiah fell in both onshore and offshore markets as risk-averse investors covered short dollar positions. "NDFs are higher due to short dollar covering, but we don't see aggressive buying," said a Singapore-based trader.
Sata Vs Rupiah Banda Monkey urinates on Zambian president Published: 2009-06-29 Uploaded: 2010-05-18 Author: MrDonphil email Acting President Rupiah Banda accused of bribery Acting President Rupiah Banda accused of briberywww.instablogs.
The rupiah is subdivided into 100 sen, although inflation has rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete.
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``Confidence in the rupiah is a problem,'' said Fadlul Imansyah, a fund manager at Jakarta-based PT PNM Investment Management, which manages about $267 million in assets.
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Rupiah Banda yesterday left for Mfuwe for a three day working visit. The president did not, however, speak to journalists at the airport.
your stay in a rupiah world, that is. The cost of anything over US$ 1`05 is in millions in rupiah.
ROUNDUP - Indonesia rupiah loses more ground as market confidence ebbs 08.29.
The name for the Indonesia Rupiah was adopted from the Indian form of currency, the Rupee. Prior to the Rupiah, Indonesia used the Dutch guilder from 1610 to 1817, when the Dutch East Indies guilder was introduced.
rupiah in 1964 and 1971 respectively (see Riau rupiah and West New Guinea rupiah). Coins Banknotes Current legal tender The current rupiah consists of coins from 25 rupiah up to 1,000 rupiah (1 rupiah are officially legal tender but are effectively worthless ...
The rupiah continued its drop on Monday on concerns in Europe, while the Jakarta Composite Index climbed more than 3 percent. The rupiah continued its drop on Monday on concerns in Europe, while the Jakarta Composite Index climbed more than 3 percent.