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The Tongan Pa'Anga is the currency in Tonga (TO, TON). The symbol for TOP can be written PT or T$. The Tongan Pa'Anga is divided into 100 seniti. The exchange rate for the Tongan Pa'Anga was last updated on ? from ?.
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Pa'anga, on the other hand, translated into money.
Pa'anga Translation = Pa'anga Translation Available on the following languages: English Pa'anga in English pa'anga, monetary unit of Tonga; bill worth a pa'anga Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
Until 11 February 1991 the pa'anga was pegged to the Australian dollar at par. Since that time a basket of currencies is taken (see above), and the paʻanga has continuously declined. As in 2006, one needs about T$1.60 to get 1 Australian dollar.
The Tonga pa'anga is made up of 100 hau and is often presented with either the symbol T$ or PT. The pa'anga is not convertible to any other currencies.
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More currencies Tonga, Pa'anga The Tongan Pa'anga is the currency of Tonga. The currency code for Pa'anga is TOP. Below, you'll find Tongan Pa'anga rates, a currency converter, Tongan Pa'anga News and more.
pa'anga definition Hear it! = pa'anga definition pa'anga (pä äŋ′gə) noun pl.