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North Korean won are intended exclusively for North Korean citizens, and the Bank of Trade (무역은행) issued a separate currency (or foreign exchange certificates) for visitors, like many other socialist states.
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worth more in North Korean won on the black market than officially. This is also apparent when one examines the dates of issue or series of the different denominations of banknotes. One South Korean won (as of 25 May 2010) is equal to 0.
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1 North Korean Won is equal to: Europe Albanian Lek 0.1233 Belarus Ruble 3 British Pound 0.
The North Korean won, denoted by KPW, is the official currency used in North Korea. Since December 2001, the North Korean government has abandoned the rate of 2.16 won to the dollar (of which the root is Kim Jong-il's birthday, February 16).
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North Korean won served not as money at all, but purely as an accounting unit. North Korean residents didn’t need money because all their needs were met by the state distribution system - one of the most complete anywhere in the Communist world.
North Korean WonThe wŏn became the currency of North Korea on December 6, 1947, replacing the Korean yen that was still in circulation. It was revalued at a rate of one hundred to one in 1959.
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