the new leu will become the official currency of Romania. The redenomination (or conversion from the old to the new leu) is simple — 10,000 old lei are replaced by 1 new leu. One US dollar will buy 2.98 new lei, while one euro will buy 3.6 new lei.
On January 28, 1952, another new leu was introduced. Unlike the previous revaluation, different rates were employed for different kinds of exchange (cash, bank deposits, debts etc) and different amounts. These rates ranged from 20 to 400 "old lei" for 1 "new" leu.
the old leu (ROL) to the new leu (RON), both of which are called lei, abbreviated to L, in common usage. 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. Read more Close The lek (plural lekë) (sign: L; code: ALL) is the currency of Albania.
the old 'leus' were withdrawn from circulation and the New Leu was launched. The new leu was brought in as a way of revaluing the currency. It had a rate of 10,00 to 1, which means that 10,000 old leu were worth one new leu.
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The Romanian new leu is made up of 100 bani and is often presented with the symbol L. The new leu is expected to remain the currency of Romania until it adopts the euro in 2014.
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More currencies Romania, New Leu The Romanian New Leu is the currency of Romania. The currency code for New Lei is RON, and the currency symbol is lei. Below, you'll find Romanian New Leu rates, a currency converter, Romanian New Leu News and more.