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program, though, Iraqi dinar has been widely counterfited. Although the value of the dinar appreciated following the introduction of the new banknotes from 4,000 dinars per U.S.
redenominate the Iraqi dinar in order to increase the strength level of the Iraqi currency, which will allow people to carry less paper money.
the New 2003 Iraqi Dinar or Vietnamese Dong we can meet your needs competitively and in a manner that provides you with the assurance of security you seek. If there are other currencies that are out of circulation that you have interest in please let us know.
Dinar Trade is offering New Iraqi Dinars for sale to the public. We get our Dinars directly from the source. We guarantee that our New Iraqi Dinar notes are 100% authentic and of non-criminal origin.
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The Iraqi Dinars is continually growing in popularity, especially since the investment growth potential is so great; this country has an abundant oil supply and a list of other natural resources that makes
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New Iraqi Dinar note that comes to us is inspected for multiple security features so that we may guarantee its authenticity.
Right now, you can buy a million Iraqi Dinar for $700 and the dream that the Dinar will eventually be worth the same as a US dollar.
value of the Iraqi Dinar, simply do a conversion and the exchange rate will appear in grey If you’re thinking about buying the Dinar, make sure you keep in mind that many resellers tack on an extra $100 for each Million Dinar.
The Iraqi Dinar: Everyone is talking about the Dinar, people are investing in the new currency, but is it a hoax or is the Iraq's New Money really a way to get rich quick? We expose the truth, show you how to spot the fakes and
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that the fate of the Iraqi dinar lies in the hands of the IMF, which maintains a program exchange rate (fixed at 1170 dinars in late 2009 ). However, there is not yet a set international exchange rate, and so international banks do not yet exchange Iraqi dinars.
Iraqi Dinar: Invest In Your Future - WHY INVEST IN IRAQ ANDTHE NEW IRAQI DINAR (IQD/NID) ? Jim Cramer from NBC news speaks on Iraq Dinar Iraqi Dinar hot prospect for US, UK & Israel
Enter the holdings of Iraqi Dinar to calculate the value in US dollars. You can use this tool to track the value of your Iraqi Dinar as exchanged with the US Dollar.
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