The first Dominican peso was introduced in 1844. It replaced the Haitian gourde at par and was divided into 8 reales. The Dominican Republic decimalized in 1877, subdividing the peso into 100 centavos.
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The Dominican peso is the money of the Dominican Republic. Its official name is Peso oro and its symbol is "$" with RD in front of it (RD$) to differentiate it from other pesos or dollars. The ISO 4217 for the Dominican peso is DOP.
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The Dominican Peso is the base currency of the Dominican Republic. Denoted by DOP, the currency is often seen as $ or RD$ for distinction from other pesos or dollars. The peso is divided into 100 centavos (cents) and is under a managed float regime.
of the Dominican peso due to the reduction in the dollar's prime rate, and has been sustained until recently in a range of 27 to 29 points.
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Dominican Peso 1 DOPin DOP Australian Dollar0.033130.23 Canadian Dollar0.028834.77 Swiss Franc0.031831.48 Euro0.02343.44 British Pound0.01952.
More currencies Dominican Republic, Peso The Dominican Peso is the currency of Dominican Republic. The currency code for Pesos is DOP, and the currency symbol is RD$. Below, you'll find Dominican Peso rates, a currency converter, Dominican Peso News and more.
1 Dominican Peso is equal to: Europe Albanian Lek 3.0822 Belarus Ruble 75 British Pound 0.
as in Dominican Pesos, and would actually prefer to be paid in US dollars. In some desitations, such as Las Terrenas and Las Galleras, the Euro is as accepted as the US dollar. Most of the larger country's currencies can be exchanged in tourism destinations all over the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Peso / Liberian Dollar converter (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC / LIBERIA) Dominican Peso / Liberian Dollar converter (DOP / LRD) will convert the currency of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC in currency of LIBERIA with the actual exchange rate.
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The noun DOMINICAN PESO has 1 sense: 1. the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic; equal to 100 centavos Familiarity information: DOMINICAN PESO used as a noun is very rare.