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The Congolese Franc is a sad little currency. It gets no respect - least of all from the Congolese, who greatly prefer dollars.
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The sales will takes place whenever the Congolese franc loses 1.5% of its value, the financial institution stated.
the Congolese franc, to regain its value, the bank said Wednesday in a statement made available to PANA here. This project will enable banks interested in the offer to buy currencies at a convenient rate.
not in great shape, so the devaluation of the Congolese franc is likely to continue.” Economic growth in Congo may slow to 5.7 percent in 2009, down from 8 percent last year, a government-appointed commission said last month.
A moneychanger shows US dollars and Congolese franc at a local market in Kinshasa, Congo, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006.
The Congolese franc, also denoted by CDF, is the official currency of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The franc was introduced in 1997, replacing the old currency, the new Zaire.
the Congolese franc, the basic unit of money in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (edit) ISO currency code: "CDF" (explain) Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.
The Congolese Franc is used in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Suppressed in 1967 by Mobutu, it was re-established in 1998 by Laurent Kabila. Burundi franc - Used in Burundi.
More currencies Congo/Kinshasa, Franc The Congolese Franc is the currency of Congo/Kinshasa. The currency code for Francs is CDF. Below, you'll find Congolese Franc rates, a currency converter, Congolese Franc News and more.