The Canadian dollar (sign: $; code: CAD) is the currency of Canada. It is normally abbreviated with the Dollar/Peso sign $, or C$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.
Canadian parlance to distinguish the Canadian dollar coin from the dollar bill. When the two-dollar coin was introduced in 1996, the derivative word "toonie" became the common word for it in Canadian English slang.
More currencies Canada, Dollar The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Canada Dollar exchange rate is the USD to CAD rate. The currency code for Dollars is CAD, and the currency symbol is $.
So far this year, the Canadian dollar has gained more against the U.S. dollar than any other major currency.
* Canadian Dollar Outperforms, New Zealand Dollar Remains Under Pressure DFX Jun 7th, 2010, 12:22 - Length: 3000 * DJ ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rates - Jun 7 FWN Jun 7th,
The Canadian Dollar’s performance of late has been eerily redolent of its sudden rise in 2007, when propelled by nothing more than sheer momentum, it rose 20% against the Dollar and breached the parity mark (1:1) en route to a 30-year high. .
It may not have been so easy to define the Canadian dollar’s source of strength over the past year or so (hint: it is not a simple connection to crude oil); but we should have no trouble in determining where its next fundamental drive will come from over the coming week.
* Friday, 09 October 2009 20:38:28 GMT Canadian Dollar Direction To Come From Inflation Data * Thursday, 08 October 2009 23:32:34 GMT Canadian Dollar has a Busy Day Ahead of it with Employment, Trade and Business Activity Data
TORONTO - The Canadian dollar slipped for a second session against the U.S. dollar on Friday, weighed down by the debate on how deeply global economic growth could be affected by euro zone austerity measures.
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“The Canadian dollar has lost over a cent on the day and the majority of that move came the instant the downgrades were announced,” said Eric Lascelles, chief economics and rates strategist at TD Securities.
June 1 (Reuters) - The Canadian dollar was higher versus the U.S. currency on Friday and sitting just shy of the three-decade high it reached earlier this week as appetite from overseas investors remained strong.