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The Barbados dollar replaced the East Caribbean dollar at par in 1973. Since July 5, 1975, the Barbados dollar has been pegged to the US dollar at US$1 = Bds$2.
The Barbados dollar, often denoted by BBD or Bds$, is the national unit of currency of Barbados. The dollar is divided into 100 cents and has had a fixed rate of exchange with the United States Dollar since 1975.
The Barbados Dollar is fixed to the U.S Dollar and does not fluctuate. Its rate to other currencies fluctuates daily based on their fluctuations relative to the U.S. Dollar.
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Barbados dollar (currency code BBD) has been the currency of Barbados since 1972. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively Bds$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.
The Barbados dollar is made up of 100 cents, and is often presented with the dollar sign as Bds$ to allow it to be distinguished from other currencies denominated in dollars, such as the U.S. dollar (USD).
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currency symbol for the Barbados dollar is BBD. All items sold on the island are in Barbados dollars however US currency is widely accepted. You can very easily pay for something with US dollars and receive change in Barbadian dollars.
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The Barbados dollar is actually pegged to the USA dollar at a fixed rate of $1.98 BDS to $1.00 U.S, as you can see it is fairly easy to keep track of what you are spending whichever dollars you are using.
Strong, stable and secure, the Barbados dollar has been pegged to the US dollar at 1.98 to 1 since 1975. A British colony, Barbados was strongly influenced by British coinage and monetary policy. Nevertheless, Spanish and Mexican currency were widely circulated in former times.
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